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Creatine + Tribulus + HRX


For about 4 months now I have been focusing on bulking and I have gotten considerably stronger along with being thicker. I want to continue to get stronger, but cut myself up. Do you guys think thi could be a good idea for my goal?

Right now I am 6'0" 245lbs and around 15% body fat and I want to get around 215lbs of solid muscle!


Well, you have two options really. You could either continue eating for size and eventually hit 215lbm or you could diet down temporarily (10% or under), and then continue the building process once you are a little leaner.

You will however not gain more muscle AND lean out in the process. You could try the stack you listed and tell us how it goes.


I've been cutting since feb 06...

I've dropped from 210 to 185...Not only did I still get stronger, but I did add LMB as well...Obviously not as much LBM if I wasn't on restricted diet...

My current stack is TRIBEX Gold/Old Alpha Male (I cycle between the two)/Methoxy-7/HRX

I also added Glutamine Select Plus BCAA's during my workouts, which is working quite well...

I've been on the T-Dawg v2.0 diet and did the WSP and currently doing the Lactic Acid for fat loss...


This is not necessarily true.

While most people should not expect to build a significant amount of muscle while dieting, it is definitely possible and has been done by many individuals.


Which do you guys recommend between Alpha Male and TRIBEX Gold?


or, what about ZMA?


Anyhow at 245, around 15% he is nearly 215 lbs of fat free mass. Within 5 lbs.


Well it depends on what HOT-ROX you plan on taking. If you plan on taking the new HOT-ROX Extreme, then you would be advised to take TRIBEX Gold, since the new Alpha Male and HOT-ROX Extreme both contain Carbolin 19.

And I forgot to mention I recently started taking ZMA. I fall asleep easier, but thanx to the damn TRIBEX/Alpha Male I keep waking up in the middle of the night due to arousal...