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Creatine Tolerance?


I have been taking creatine for about 2 1/2 months now. Like the stuff.

I have taken:
Evolve by NDS

Due to the price, I switched up and got 100% straight and attempted to mix up my own averaging about 10grams a day, with gatorade.. sometimes more....sometimes less.

Initially with the NDS product the pumps were hard, and stuck with me. I felt like I was absorbing quite a bit of it.

When I switched up I noticed I wasn't feeling as swollen/tight as I did with the NDS product. I assumed this was due to water, so I upped my water intake. Nothing...

I'm back on the NDS Evolve again just to see, and I was wondering if anyone else experienced anything like this with creatine?

Can you build up a tolerance to creatine? Is it my size? 150lbs @ 5'5" taking 10 grams a day? Is that enough now, should I bump it to 20?


Building a tolerance to creatine is like building a tolerance to tacos.


So 2 grams of creatine a day would be fine for a 250 lb man?


Damn...so you really can build one then, huh...


Why the hell do you need 10 g creatine everyday? All its creating is expensive piss. Lower it down to 5 g.


Bah, I'm asking cause I don't feel like my body is responding like I was in the beginning.


If they are filled with refried beans...yes.


HAHAHAHA. Creatine is something found in your body naturally; the supplement jus gives you more of it. Acquiring a tolerance to it would be like acquiring a tolerance to protein supplements.


Insulin is found in the body naturally.

If you're gonna be a smart ass know-it-all, remember the smart part.

Ilove tacos and I love the ones with both meat and beans. That guy will not enjoy his workday when he has to tell me I can no longer have my tacos.

Is it the shell, cause I can do burritos


How can you say (x) amount is too little when some people supp none and reap the same benefits of those that supp extra creatine?

And how can you say some formula is perfect for any large group of partakers.

And besides, most people on this site "in the know" shall we say, advise 3 grams or so daily. Even according to your formula that is enough/more than enough for the average weighted guy.


personally i wouldnt waste the money unless you were gonna do a show

and maybe you need to cycle off for the advised 2 weeks,2 1/2 months with 4 weeks in a month =9 weeks....if you read the label most say:"load week,5 weeks on,2 weeks off(at least)then resume",so id say take 2 weeks off of the stuff


I'm not sure if I understand the need for cycling creatine. I don't cycle my red meat intake - why would you cycle your creatine intake?