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Creatine to Lose Fat/Gain Muscle?


what is the best suppliment to take when just starting out. i have some creatine right now and i am looking to get size fast. i am about 15lbs over weight now and i am looking to lose the fat and gain muscle. working arms, chest and back one day and legs the next. any advice is appreciated


Creatine is a quality supp with many benefits read up on it. It aint magic though. You need to nail a good diet and training program and be consistent for years to make marked gains



as always, wise words from phil


The best supplement is nothing more than quality food and lots of it.

Looking to get size fast? Everybody is looking for something quick, fast, "a magical transformation". It ain't here. All you will find here is the truth.

It takes consistent hard lifting, consistent proper nutrition, and time. Lots of time if you want to gain some amount of size. A couple years to start with.

If you want to come over to the bright side, welcome. If you want to stay over in the dark, believing a pill or some powder will change your life, your happiness, your good fortune, well, good luck with that.


These statements are retarded. Food, training, and rest are the cornerstones to a succesfull program. They most definitely are not supplements. Supplements are just as the name implies -- something to be added on top of the basics.


Ummm, I think you need to read between the lines here Chris. I'm sure AA was just trying to state the importance of food over supplements.


Gee, I am truly sorry you couldn't understand the metaphor - that food is the neglected part of most noob programs.


I understood what you were attempting to get across, it's just that it was poorly done.

Claiming that food is the best supplement will only further confuse those most in need of understanding your point.


Does anyone have a suggested Creatine? Powder or pill? I started using Six Star Creatine pill, but want to know if there are much better ones that this?


The cheapest pure creatine monohydrate you can find. Everything else is a waste of money.


Just buy some of Biotest's creatine. It may or may not be the absolute cheapest (I have not compared lately) but it is by far not expensive. I am sure for the high quality creatine you will be getting, the price is more than fair.


pills or powder? I like powder because pills have all the artificial bullcrap? is there a better non-calorie powder (on AD).


I have tried pills and powder. Don't like pills that much because of all added colors and everything. Tried a monohydrate but gave the shiznits. Anyone know a good powder or natural pill that doesn't leave water weight? Something non-caloric (on the AD).


Its creatine if it doesnt add water weight it aint working

have you tried a GOOD monohydrate a creapure brand like the one Biotest sells??



Creatine WILL give you the shiznits. That's usually how I load it - 20 grams a day until my Grow starts shooting out my ass. Then down to 5 grams.


Look dude, powder is going to be your best bet, like Phil said, the german brand creapure, which is what Biotest uses, as well as ON,(Optimum Nutrition), is excellent and very well priced..the way I go is, if I'm ordering several items, then the shipping is better served, and I will get the Biotest...if I'm running low on just creatine, I will get a bottle of ON or another company that uses the German brand creapure with their own name on it..

As far as the shits, get some fiber in your diet, and then you won't have to "poo,poo" over it.

           As has been discussed at length here before, most of the hyped specialty creatines are nothing more than overpriced with other difft. things added to them, to make you think you're getting something better...

It's nonsense, save the effervescent or ethyl esters which will help some with stomach discomfort if they can't handle the grainy mix when it doesn't completely dissolve.

          So, waste your money if you want to, but just 100% pure creatine monohydrate is just as good/effective as any thing else out there...German shit like creapure is more desirable IMO...but as long as it's 100% pure creatine monohydrate you can't go wrong.



Anyone tried the twinlabs creatine fuel? it's a pill but says creatine monohydrate.