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Creatine to Creatinine?

How long and is it a big deal?

Admittedly, I may have my terminology wrong as I’m not an expert by any means but it is my understanding that if you mix creatine and then let it sit too long it will break down into creatinine and therefore not have the same effect. But how long is too long and is it really a big deal?

The reason I ask is because currently what I do is mix my Surge to take to the gym. Then a few minutes before I leave I will add 5g of creatine. I drink the Surge/creatine mix while working out and finish whatever is left when I am done. So the creatine sits in the mixture for about 1.5 hours before I drink it all. Is this fine? Is this something that I really need to worry about or can I just continue as I’ve been doing?

I’m pretty Surge 1.5 hours isn’t going to be enough time to produce any kind of breaking down effects, especially in a cold water environment. (I’m assuming you don’t mix warm Surge shakes)

Not a big deal when you’re talking about that. It’s fine.