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Creatine Timing: Non-Workout Days

What would be the most effective timing for Creatine consumption on non-workout days / does it matter at all?

Is creatine consumption even recomended for non workout days? If it is, at the same dosage as regular workout days?
thanks in advance

I just have 5 grams in water with my breakfast. But don’t sweat it, you can take it any time.

I personally take 5g with my whey after cardio, on non-lifting days.

On completely off days, I take 5g whenever I think about it, usually with water but sometimes with juice.

i take about 5 grams a day as well. I guess i never really experimented with it but according to the label on my creatine i split it up into 3 grams before workout and 2 after, is this the most efficient timing for creatine on workout days or should i be taking all 5 before?

take 5 grams one hour before working out, and then 5 more grams after working out. If you weight less than 200 lbs, and only want to take 5 grams in total, then just split it to 2.5 grams before and after workouts.
It may be wise to also cycle off creatine for a week or 2 when deloading.

how often is considered a healthy creatine cycle?

[quote]GDwarrior wrote:
how often is considered a healthy creatine cycle?[/quote]
I like 6 weeks usually but I’ll stop when I feel its not working any more. Despite certain articles I like to load it 5gx5 times a day x 5 days but I will give the no load, one dose a day a shot soon. Is it healthy? I’ve never had problems and I’ve been taking it for 10 years.

Waterbury suggest in the morning with a cup of joe 20 min before breakfast.

Creatine on off days isn’t necessary for maintenance of optimal levels in muscle. An optimized protocol was discussed in this Barrticle: