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Creatine Timing-Does it Matter?

Hey guys,

I’ve read a number of things about creatine, but I’m wondering based on people’s results, what works for them.

  1. That creatine absorption is best in high GI liquids (grape juice, for example)

  2. Absorption is best in warm drinks (the ease of this is a problem, at least for me. Suggestions? Does it matter?)

  3. I take it first thing in the morning as a mix with grape juice and greens+, as greens needs to be taken on an empty stomach. What about creatine? Better on an empty/full stomach? It seems that a lot of people take theirs PWO as part of their shake. I’ve heard that it doesn’t really matter–just that you take it at some time throughout the day. Thoughts?

Thanks for the input guys!

I take creatine twice a day: right before my workout and immediately following it. creatine works best. when you take it PWO. also, I’ve found that taking creatine with warm water is best, as the creatine seems to dissolve better than in cold liquids.

Doesn’t seem to make a difference, I usually take it after training or before I go to bed thinking that my body needs it the most while it’s rebuilding itself at sleep.

As to how… I just drop a spoonfull into my mouth and chug it down with cold water. I often take some sugary stuff with it.

I prefer to take creatine with a main meal (large insulin spike) And after my Pr/simple carb PWO shake (same reason)