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creatine+ testosterone

Hey yall. Just wanted to throw a little something out there. Does anyone else out there noticed more acne when you take creatine? I know at first it seems like a dumb question because creatine supposedly doesn’t work with the endocrine system. Yet, it seems like the last few times I’ve gotten on creatine, I get all this acne on my back. Maybe my body is sensing the increased protein synthesis, ATP stores, or intracelluar volume, and is somehow triggering more T production.

I get the same but it’s not form the creatine I think. Mine is caused by all the damn sugar (Dex, Malt, etc) I take in to shuttle the stuff.

I thought it had been proven that things like sugar and chocolate dont cause acne. its a myth.

The back acne could be from additional sweating from the increased water intake.

They don’t Goldberg, it’s a myth. All has to do with pore size and oil secretion from the skin. If sugar makes you secrete more oil then yes it can cause acne but just cause you eat a lot of sugar doesn’t mean you will break out.