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Creatine Supplement Thoughts


With all the Creatine supplements out there which one is the best? I was considering Con- cret, who says they have university studies showing that this creatine has the largest percentage of creatine that is intake gets to the muscle, then there is Kre alkalyn that is said to have the best pH level so creatine does turn to creatinine. Then there is creatine ethyl ester that is supposed to be absorbed 36 times better than just creatine monohydrate. Does anyone have good insight on which one i should be taking. Perhaps some personal experience or any word of mouth on which one is better.



all you need.

or, creatine pyruvate.

everything else- fads.


What do you mean about fads? I have taken creatine monohydrate and it can notice bloating while on kre alkalyn i didn't notice any bloating during and ask my workouts


Stop falling for BS and go with monohydrate.


Biotest Ultra-Pure Micronized Creatine.


and btw never buy creatine ethyl ester. Complete scam.


the bloating for me went away after i: 1) drank more water with it, and 2) had about 5g pre and post workout.


CEE works very well for me. I just take it preworkout, sometimes a double dose if going for a big PR. Mono never really made much difference just made me feel dehydrated.

Kre-alkalyn didin't do much on its own but gives awesome endurance when stacked with CEE.

I haven't tried it but the creatine in Anaconda is meant to be the best.


You must not have been drinking enough water with it.

Did you mix it with something like grape juice or anything? (Says on the label to do so)

Made a significant difference for me.


If it's not broken don't fix it.


X2 on the dehydration, but I might not have been drinking enough water with it.
Grape juice is a good idea, and I'll try that whenever I get to buying monohydrate.


Yup, tried it with juice and various delivery systems. Would have to drink at least 3-4L of water a day just to not feel dehydrated. To feel any tangible improvement in the gym I would have to take 20g a day and drink up to 5L of water which was a pain. For MY body CEE is far superior.


Aren't you supposed to use Creatine AFTER a workout? I got dehydrated with Monohydrate, but it's the only creatine that I used before a workout. I used Kre-Alkalyne after workouts, and maybe that's why I got no problems with it.


Calm down, buddy.

If you lift weights seriously you're going to want to be drinking 3-4L of water a day at a minimum. I don't see the big deal.


I feel with drinking a huge amount of water makes me not eat as much and as a smaller guy i am trying to get my weight up. I work at a supplement store so i have heard alot of reviews from people who are frequent users of krealkalyn and monohydrate. monohydrate just didn't do anything for me. plus with the juice i have heard that the acidity of juice turns creatine into creatinine much faster than in water. well that is the main selling point of krealkalyn that its monohydrate just buffered somehow so it doesn't turn into creatinine. a great breakthrough if you could actually prove that it does as it says.


I agree, I think I'd be a write-off drinking anything less than 4L a day without creatine...


Almost everybody who regularly takes monohydrate should have read the back of the label at one point in time.

It clearly states:

This is from Biotest's creatine bottle itself. I think Biotest knows what it is talking about just a BIT more than the supplement companies selling krealkalyn.


This article is worth a read.


It explains why CEE is bullshit along with some fancier creatine variations.

Like everybody said originally: get creatine monohydrate.


Get MICRONIZED creatine monohydrate. Not all monohydrate is created equal. Biotest is fine.

So much fail in this thread. It's damn creatine, you cant mess it up and even if you do everything right it's not going give mindblowing results. Do not waste money on products with ridiculous claims.


So what is a good Creatine monohydrate. I heard someone say that Biotest's creatine is good and that not all creatine monohydrate is created equal. so what companies are good? also what should I take with creatine mono. to better the absorption of it. Also prehaps is pillform better than powder. then you wouldnt have to mix it with anything to totally prevent that chances of it turning to creatinine.


I've been using Biotest MH for awhile with great results. I only buy it from here.