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Creatine Studies

Hey all,

I’m trying to pull together some creatine studies that show it’s not a dangerous supplement at all.

I KNOW it isn’t but my mum is playing the concerned ignorant parent act at the moment so I need something to shut her up with. Apparently the GP said to stay away with anything that has creatine in it (red meat’s clearly out so!, no wait, it’s ok cos it’s “natural”).

I tried to explain he was used to dealing with sick people and as a nutritionist he was unreliable but she said “he’s looking at it from a medical perspective”. I just ignored her because there was no point replying. Eventually she left.

It’s not something I expect to be let drop tho so I plan on having the facts to shut her up once and for all with.

It would probably be helpful to point me towards any studies that showed it had the potential to be harmful too, jsut so I’ve a response ready in case they come up.

Oh and the funniest part is she keeps calling it “Carnatine”. That should give you an idea of how much she knows…

Thanks guys (and girls!).

Google scholar and pubmed would be the places to go.

You may be disappointed to know that no long-term, well-controlled safety studies have been done.

That said, it’s safe.


Here is the fully referenced Barrticle that deals with safety: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=768093