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Creatine Strength Loss


Besides the obvious muscle shrinkage, does anyone notice overall STRENGTH loss? I am currently on creatine, and havent stopped using it(besides cycling)

Anyone notice a significant drop in their routines weight mass and or rep counts?


You get weaker and smaller on creatine??
Are you taking it right and drinking alot and I mean alot of water like 1 gallon a day?
That's what I drink when I'm on creatine
it works great



But, I find that I make dyslexic observations and ask ridiculous questions.


When you started taking creatine, did you also stop eating?



Or do you mean do you shrink and lose strength when you stop creatine?

If that is your question, you may drop a few pounds and lose a little 'swell' do to
shedding some water.
As far as strength goes, I've never lost the poundages I can handle, but I might lose some reps, especially if I am doing many sets.


Losing strength from stopping creatine useage doesnt make sense. It doesnt make sense because creatine doesnt make you stronger in the first place.