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Creatine Statement that Made Me Laugh

If mixing creatine to coffee or coca cola - > “Combining this product with these substances may increase your risk of having a stroke or other serious medical problems.” What the actual fuck… im rolling on the floor.

Opening mouth in public can also lead serious injury or death…

Who made this statement? Is it based on a study? I’ve never had an adverse effect from creatine or known anyone who has, but you’re aware there are numerous reports of people experiencing heart palpitations after supplementing with it, right? Maybe adding caffeine, a stimulant, to something that might cause heart palpitations, could have adverse effects in some people.

Or maybe it’s total bullshit. No way for us to know if you don’t give us more than a sentence in quotation marks.


To @flappinit’s point, there is no reason to think increasing heart rate in combination with intra cellular water retention would necessarily NOT pose an increased risk to some populations. Depending on the reference, I could certainly buy this

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I was warned away from creatine all together by my cardiologist for this very reason.


I find it amusing when indviduals who are clueless want to compare creatine to test.


For the love of God dont take creatine with coke zero/pepsi max etc :volcano:


Does it do a Mentos or is @TrainForPain s emoji the intended meaning here?

This was the BEST thread ever.
Hey I’m new to this- should I use supplements or steroids?


Dedication incarnate

What’s messed up is that allot of people im seeing online has that same misconception.


It’s like asking “Hi I’m cramming for a exam and struggling as I’m burning the candle at both ends. Shoud I use Red Bull or cocaine to help me stay awake during class?”

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bit of both!

Pretty much.

Are you implying that it’s safe to mix test with coffee or coca-cola?

That’s ridiculous, everyone knows the answer is crystal meth.