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Creatine Stability In Water?


I've been searching on this for awhile and can't seem to find the right keywords. I think I read something on here that if you let creatine sit in water too long it'll break down turn into creatinine? Is this true and if so, how long before it happens?

If it makes a difference, I have the Biotest stuff.


Not quite sure, but if you just pound the stuff down fast it wouldn't matter, if you pre-make your shake then baggie up the creatine and stir in the creatine right before you drink it.


This may not help much but, I have heard the same thing, though I don't know the answer to the how long question either.

In "the creatine controversy" they talk about creatine serums...


hope that helps a little


I believe it is about 20 minutes that it breaks down into creatinine. It is not just water that breaks it down, its any liquid. As long as you mix it and down it you'll be fine. Just never buy liquid creatine.


I've heard the same thing. I dont think creatinine is bad for you, I've just heard thats what causes creatine bloating.

I've heard this happens in about 10 minutes of being in water/juice/whatever.

I used to put it in my Surge and drink it post workout, and never really noticed much... but thats probably becuause I'm fat.


I do not think creatinine is bad for you either as long as your kidneys remove it. I would imagine since it is a waste product that your body would just try to remove it instead of use it. Therefore it would be pointless to ingest creatinine, unless you want to fake kidney damage.


Check this out:

Mixing creatine with a warm liquid is a good way to go, but it may be best to err on the side of caution by not mixing with a caffeinated beverage like coffee or green tea. Granted, the debate is still out. Furthermore, liquid creatine doesn't look like a viable solution but again...there probably need to be more studies.

Source: http://www.johnberardi.com/articles/supplementation/creatinecomb.htm


It can't possibly be 10 minutes. It takes longer than that to reach the muscle after you drink it.

Just mix it into your PWO shake and drink it. But don't treat it like is some highly unstable combination, that's just silly.

For a while, I used to prepare the PWO shake the evening before training. So creatine would sit in solution for a good 20 hours. Now, it's hard to tell the difference, but I think there wasn't any significant change from the freshly mixed creatine, based on the results I obtained.

Just to be on the safe side, now I mix it into the PWO shake a few minutes before drinking it. Appears to work the same.


Ok, I guess I'll make my poor man's Surge the night before like I always do, and then add the creatine before I down it.

Thanks everyone.


I read a study where they put creatine monohydrate in hydrochloric acid - after 2 hours 2% of the creatine had degraded to creatinine.

By contrast, 98% of creatine ethyl ester had degraded.