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creatine sexual side effects

Has anyone experienced a loss of libido while taking creatine? I notice that when I use creatine, my libido goes to hell! Any other experiences like this? Thanks

I’d think it is a coincidence.

I noticed that when I was taking creatine i would sweat a lot during the night. It may have just been that i was drinking a lot more water throughout the day and right befroe bed also.

im taking creatine now and im horny as hell. (partly due to the fact that i broke up with my girlfriend and im not getting any)

Creatine has no effect on sex drive, one way or the other.

Chris Shugart told a good story once about this. He said he told a lady to take a multi-vitamin and she did. Later she told him she quit because it gave her a cold. She happened to catch a cold soon after starting the vitamins and assumed they caused it. We all know what ASSume means, right?

Also reminds me of the guys that think they have gyno one day after taking roids for the first time (which is impossible). Actually, they were worried about gyno, took a close look at their fat tits (which is not gyno) and ASSumed they had gyno. People are funny.

If you lost your sex drive while taking creatine maybe you were overtraining. Some people do that when they take a supplement for the first time. Overtraining can zap sex drive.

I have been taking creatine this past year, and well, I’ve always had a high libido. No worries, here. Unlike JC, I’m still gettin’ some - he he he :wink:

What exactly is the mechanism behind overtraining killing your sex drive? Just trying to expand my knowledge, because that happened to me last summer.

i believe the terminology is post hoc ergo propter hoc

Chronic overtraining will depress T levels (big time). Chronic overtraining is a huge stressor on the body.

I don’t know the exact mechanisms, but it has to do with the overall negative hormonal effects of stress. T goes down, E goes up, excessive cortisol is produced etc.