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Creatine Serving Size?

The creatine i bought contains no scoop, Im assuming I use 1 teaspoon for 5g a day, Im not sure, so how much should I use. I think Im using to much because its 80 servings and ints only been a month and im halfway gone…

You assumed correctly.

Are you using a heaping teaspoon or are you using a squared off teaspoon? Creatine by itself is pretty cheap. It’s a mistake to get fancy creatine/N.O combos.

Get a food scale, count 10 teaspoons - it should weigh 50g. If not, make adjustments.

I said 10 teaspoons because if you weigh just one the measurement error is too big.

Food scales are really useful. I bought an electronic one at Bed Bath & Beyond for like $24. I like it.

+1 for not buying fancy schmancy creatine. Plain old micronized creatine, like the one you can buy on this site, is all you need.