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Creatine Serum

Has anyone ever used creatine serum? At first i was skeptical when I first tried it. However, the results were amazing! I could actually see a difference in my physique after lifting for about a week and a half. Whether or not if this stuff is truely creatine or a placebo, it worked for me.

As far as I am aware the only way found so far to make creatine stable in a solution is too freeze it. So unless your creatine serum was frozen when you bought it you’ve wasted your money.

The improvements you’ve made so far…maybe you would have made them improvements anyway? Maybe you were lucky and your creatine serum had some creatine left in it if it was new stock ( as creatine doesn’t degrade into creatinine as quickly as some people think ).

Either way I think you should avoid creatine serum in the future untill we have some evidence ( ie. studies ) that creatine can be made stable in a solution.

Creatine Serum is known to be one of the bigger scams in the supplement industry.

Stick to micronized, powdered creatine added to post-workout Surge.