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Creatine Serum

Is this stuff any good and is it stable in liquid form. I have some Muscle Marketing USA Creatine Serum,Atp Plus Clucosamine Advantage. Will and or is this stuff stable and is it as good as the powders?? I’m sixty and have a history of hep-c.Im pretty much in remission from the hep-c but still don’t feel 100%… Should I even be using this stuff. I get two different stories and would like some feed back from someone that does know what is up with this program or has experience from using it. Oh and I get depo shots every ten days down to seven if I choose.I go to the gym at least three and go four times a week when I’m on my schedule like I should be.

I think Muscle Media (even though they’re not ‘hardcore’ anymore, I think they’re still on the ‘up and up’ with lab tests) reported that they sent a batch of this stuff from Muscle Marketing USA, (Creatine Serum) and reported there wasn’t even 1% of creatine monohydrate in the solution, it was all creatinine, which is, I believe, a by product of creatine metabolism (and is worthless as an ergogenic aid). Sounds like crap to me…didn’t this company used to be called Strength Systems USA???