Creatine Serum

I know creatine serum is infferior to creatine powder. Im just curious on the actual explination of this. Thanks for the help.

bottom line you get far less for your money. it also has more impurities.

The stability of creatine in water is very short. I believe glycerine or mct’s are more stable for liquid creatine. Why the trouble though? You can get so much of the powder for the same price…

Creatine powder suspended in liquid tends to quickly turn into creatinine, which is a toxic chemical bi-product produced when creatine is used in the body for energy. That’s the simplest way to put it. Not only can’t your body use it, but it’s actually bad for you to consume. Yeah, creatine serum sucks.

Choad, creatinine isn’t toxic, it is a waste product meaning that, while eating it won’t hurt you, it won’t do anything for you either. You are right about the serum degrading faster plus the fact that it is believed that there is much less creatine in the serum than is posted on the label.

Actually, when MMUSA’s Serum products were analyzed in a lab setting, the problem was not a degradation to creatinine (they found no traces of creatinine in the product) but MMUSA never put the creatine in the product. It had less than 1% of the 5 gram label claim on 3 seperate analyses. The product doesn’t live up to the label claims, yet alone the “results” claims.

Clinical evaluation and product analysis has revealed that each serving of the product you mentioned has <5 mg of actual creatine. The product should perhaps be relabeled expensive water.

I can’t speak for all products, but most creatine serum product studies that I’ve read do, in fact, state that the reason that there is < 1% of label claims in most products is because the creatine DOES degrade into creatinine, thusly the products in questions are full of the crap (usually upwards of 97%). Oh, and Professor X, you were right… creatinine is not toxic… at least I couldn’t find a study that confirmed that it was. My bad. And that being the case, using creatine serum is not “unhealthy” as much as it is a waste of every cent that you pay for it.

You are paying for some VERY expensive water labeled “Creatine”…