Creatine safety/ conspiracy

Ok, I am not sure if anyone has been to Espn’s webpage, or watched it lately, but they have a short report that some “French Study” shows that creatine may have carcinogenic properties and use of it may lead to cancer… anyway there were no more specifics given like the study name or anything… I was wondering if any of you Nutrition buffs out there have heard of this study and its credibility/ or might investigate it. I hope this is just another attempt by people to discredit creatine, as i am/was planning to start taking it within the next month.

If you listen to the media, everyday something new is discovered to cause cancer. hell, i bet within the year they declare breathing air carcinogenic. i just always say fuck it and don’t listen to all that stuff anymore. about creatine, i bet it causes just as much cancer as the creatine naturally in the body.

I would like to take this opportunity to share something with you guys. I’m not sure how to say it but here it goes. My mom’s maiden name is Blouine. Yes it’s true, her family is french. I would like to take this opportunity to be a representative of french people everywhere and say I’m sorry for being an idiot. We should have studied the carcinagenic effects of stinky cheese and fois de gras.
Again, sorry

Mark Andre

Hey, all. It’s my first post ever, so be gentle. I’m not a nutrition expert at all, but
I’d like to comment on the AFFSA study anyway.

Yup, the title of the article, “Creatine MAY cause cancer” pretty much nails the nature of the study. (Studies indicate: “Dancing around on your lawn MAY make it rain”)

At the end of the AFFSA study, the conclusing warning reads a little like this:

“A few broad studies have described people having digestive, muscular and cardiovascular problems. The risks of creatine supplementation are insufficently examined, and could very well cause cancer, for all we know
(even though we present no actual evidence as such).”

Okay, I'm paraphrasing a little. But seriously, there's a large logical gap between "we haven't studied it properly" and "it causes cancer".

I’m not out to offend anyone, just my two cents.

Two other quick points:

  1. Poliquin et al have commented in the past on the anti-chemical-assistance stance of the French sport authority. Plus, according to ESPN, creatine is banned in France.

  2. The report also states that: the use of creatine should be regarded “as contrary to the rules, spirit and significance of sport” and suggested consideration should be given to it being added to the list of banned products.

Hmm…nothing like a research team with an axe to grind.

"We, the French sport authority, don't like or allow creatine. It should therefore be banned worldwide. Because it..uh..causes cancer. Maybe. Or something"

You can find the story in CNN’s health section on the web

It’s horseshit! Besides there are “studies” linking everything from picking your nose to wearing tight underwear to be cancer causing.

So my dad calls me up and questions whether or not I should be taking creatine, I’m assuming he read an article on this. I had to laugh cause as he questioned me he was taking a drag from his cigarette!!!

yeah, several family members have called and told me about this too. is this bs or for real? if anyone else knows more about this matter please respond.

“Just” read that article about 30 minutes ago, in the paper. It was even big enough to reach us all “Down Under”. The article also stated that Ozzie coaches and athletes had reported muscle strains and hamstring tears…

I’d just like to say to them, “TURN YOUR GOD DAMN BRAIN ON!!!”

For those of you that know how the phospho-creatine energy system works in the body, and how the body reacts to and stores supplemental amounts of pure creatine, I think you’ll agree when I say that I can’t see how muscle strains and tears can be linked to it, much less cancer. Perhaps I’m wrong, I’m no scientist, but all this garbage just doesn’t fit.

Personally, creatine works for me, so I’m gunna keep shovelling it down like there’s no tomorrow!


well…if its true…then before you know it…“Little Billy died of cancer…he developed a rare disorder in which his body produced too much creatine”

T-men, this reached our city’s paper this morning. Here’s my $.02. Creatine may very well contribute to cancer, maybe even at the “small” doses us lifters are using. Who are we to contest this study? I think back to the 70’s when people were dying from excess vitamin A intake. Anything’s possible, so make the decision to use/not use yourself and leave it at that. Smokers have been doing that for centuries.

A couple of rugby league players when asked about creatine said that they used it to directly gain weight. They said they got gains of 10-15KGS lean muscle. Sounds like BS to me. BNy the way there have been no long term studies done because creatine has not been around as a supplement to test it. Steroids have. Could it cause cancer…YES…Do I know how…NO…will I use it…Occasionally.