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Creatine ?'s


A few questions
I'm gonna take 5grms of creatine with post workout drink. How much is 5grms?

Should i have 5grms on non training days

Should i have it after training that isn't weights eg.Rugby, Sprints ect.

I've benn told to mix with dextrose and malto something. Is 25grms of each ok and how much is 25grms


5 grams is arpox. one teaspoon, I think.


I usually cycle creatine for a 1-2 months on, 1 month off, 1-2 months on, 1 month off etc.

While on your cycle of creatine take it every day, even when not lifting or doing other physical activities.


have you pondered looking at the serving size? the monohydrate i used to take let you know that a heaper of a teaspoon was 5g. By the way, grms is not an abbreviation for anything.

I'll let somebody else help you with the malto-something.

If you really want to know what a gram is, then: Gram was the eighth King of Rohan.

So 5g = 5*(the mass of one milliliter of water at 4 degrees Celsius)


This is completely unnecessary and serves no purpose. Creatine is not a hormone.


True. It also debateable whether it's necessary to take on non-lifting days, though I do. It can't hurt.


You have bascially been adviced to put it in a PWO (post-workout) shake which is a good protocol. A good PWO shake is 1/3 malto, 1/3 dextrose, and 1/3 hydrolyzed whey protein. You can make your own and throw in the creatine. But Surge is already pre-formulated with these ratios.


And a bunch of other fancy stuff.
If you added the fancy stuff in, and made your own Surge, it would cost about $1.99 per serving (including shipping and bulk discounts, sales, etc).

Surge is $2.10.

I didn't do the calculation, somebody else did, and I just read it the other day.


As much as I abhor the site/supp whores who know nothing and push product--
I must say this makes little sense.

So all the 'fancy stuff' comes to .11c a serving. And this is a big enough issue for you to make a post about. Not to mention you don't have to go out and bulk buy and mix the stuff. Not to mention it tastes better. Use what you want, I do--but this post just doesn't make any sense to me at all.


Do this, but instead of 5grams, put in 10 grams(thats only if you work out once a day, if its more than once, put only 5grams in each shake, but dont exceed 10grams because you wont be cycleing.). Also there is no reason to load when you take 10grams a day and dont worry about cycleing. I can tell you personally ive been doing the 10 grams a day protical for about 7 months strait and ive had none of the bad side affects.

Just dont consume any alcohol(beer or liquor) when doing this because alcohol lowers your Testosterone & impare your muscle recovery. Also alcohol fucks up your liver. Just make sure you drink at least a gallon and a half of water a day.


The ball is on the tee gentlemen


Surge does not have much other 'fancy stuff' in it. Most of the 'fancy stuff' comes from the hydrolyzed whey. If you look into it, you will see that the profile of Surge is almost identical to a shake of hydrolyzed whey, dex, and malto in the same ratios. But it does taste a helluva a lot better and isn't a pain in the ass to mix.


Yes. More than 1 drink a week will also cause you to grow a 3rd nipple and lose the pinky finger on your left hand. Who needs that?!


I also forgot to metion ive been using creatine monohydrate and 5 grams is 1 teaspoon, 10 grams is 1 tablespoon.

CAUTION: this has caused my strengh to skyrocket and continue to skyrocket.

WARNING: what works for me might not work for you. All you can do is trial & error.


Why would you cycle creatine?


This is total BS. I make my own "Surge", same quality with everything in it and mine comes out to about $1.40 after S&H. The only thing here I can't get cheaper is Power Drive, my "home made" version comes out to the SAME price and I would have to mix it on my own.


I usually take it on my workout days and post workout.I don't take it on lifting days really and get better results this way.I eat enough red meat anyway.


If one Teaspoon(5cc)is 5g (which it is - at least very close) then one Tablespoon(15cc) is 15g.


I cycle creatine because it makes me feel jolly.


Either you didn't read that properly, or I didn't write it very clearly, so here it goes again:

The below could be wrong if most of it is in the hydrolysates, malto, etc.

What I ment about all the "fancy stuff" is things like the Phenylalanine.

So, to rip partially from someone else:

$0.66 for Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate
~0.10 per serving for dextrose
~$0.15 for maltodextrin
~0.32 for BCAA?s
~$0.18 for glutamine
$0.58 per serving for phenylalanine

Total = $1.99 per serving
That's after spending about $140 for startup, and then you've got to mix all that crap together. And you dont get the taste.
Of couse prices may vary.

So, I use Surge.