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Creatine & Recovery Time.


SOooo i have a very slow recovery time i think. My chest and legs (what i work the most id say) take like 3-4 maybe 5 days to fully feel good and my back and arms in general take 2days easy.

My friend told me when he was on creatine he wasnt as sore as before.
Now ive never taken creatine but ive read that it does speed up recovery time.
is this true?
those guys who have taken it, what were your experiences with it


Creatine will help reload the cells with potential energy but I don't really see how it would prevent soreness. The best bets are proper post-workout nutrition, stretching, sauna/hot bath and enough sleep.

If you've only been lifting for a while just get used to it for now. Your body will learn to recover better on its own as you progress physically.


Yeah recovery time will decrease after a month or so of consistent training.

BCAAs mean a huge DOMS reduction for me, currently training 5 days on/2 off upper lower split. I take them 15 minutes prior and immediately after my workout. No other food before or for 1-2 hours postworkout.


Creatine is very good for recovery, but as Kruiser said, so are other modes of recovery.
Do yourself a favor and start using as many as possible. As you get stronger and are able to lift with more intensity, you will need them.


ive' been lifting at least 5 days a week now since march so the sorness hasnt really gone away or decreased.
my diet is check.
maybe its my workout though?
maybe if i cut down like a set from 2 excersizes?