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Creatine Recovery & Antagonist Workouts?


I have read about antagonist workouts like doing bench than a row than back to bench is useful in quicker recoveries because the row causes all of your bench muscles to relax and vice versa with the row muscles.

But my question is if I am wanting to get my creatine levels back up for my next set in the bench is the row slowing down the ability for my bench muscles creatine levels to go back to its normal levels since I am using the creatine for the row. Should I just do light work in the rows to get the antagonist effect so this way my bench muscles can still recovery most of it's creatine levels? I can than do some heavy rows some other day. Thanks for any help.


i always bench heavy and do pull ups heavy and take 2 mins rest between each and it does my bench no harm or my pull ups.


If you are supplementing with creatine, this is really a non-issue since your body is getting plenty of creatine to allow for recovery.

I am presuming that you are referring to between workouts because that is where the cell volumizing effects of creatine really take place. During a 45 minute workout, you will experience more o fthis volumzation through an NO product (hence the "pumps").


Creatine is stored locally; you don't use creatine stored in your pecs or anterior delts to replenish the creatine in your lats or rhomboids. It's obviously not completely independent, but it's mostly independent. I'm not aware of any research done on this topic specifically, but it makes sense physiologically.



Come on guys, he wants his ATP levels restored.

I read somewhere that it would take something like 5 minutes to restore your ATP levels to 95%.

That's a long rest.

So what I do is, I train an antagonist, just like you describe and take 1 minute rests between sets. This gives the muscle about 3 minute rest before it is hit again.