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creatine quickie

Should creatine be cycled?
Would there be more benefits from cycling it? What do you think? Thanks

Usually done for 4-6 weeks with 2 weeks off.

Um, that’s the first I’ve ever heard of that kind of cycle.

There’s no reason to cycle it if you choose to use it. Just keep using it.

I have always heard to cycle it.

I read a study (I posted the link on another creatine thread) where it’s been shown that creatine cycling is necessary. This is because your body elevates it’s natural creatine levels and any additional intake is just pissed away (The study actually showed nearly 100% of the extra creatine taken by the subjects were found in urine after the initial month (I think as the by product)).

I’ve always read that creatine should be cycled as follows:

5 days loading phase (I believe 30g/day)
2-3 weeks 5g per day (maintain)
1 month off (it’s in this month that it’ll be pissed away if you take it.)
5 days loading…etc.

Your body DECREASES its creatine production if you’re taking exogenous creatine. ND, what you posted doesn’t make much sense in light of this fact.

I’d love to see that study.

There is NO valid reason to cycle creatine.

Sorry…I miswrote that body production of creatine comment.DocT your right, your body decreases production of creatine…what I was supposed to say is it increases creatine levels in your muscles (that’s obvious). However, these levels drop by 1-2% daily after loading (which brings you to an optimal level). This 1-2% drop would be recovered by food sources (and if you eat animal flesh 1-2% is easy). Any additional supplementation that puts you above optimal gets excreted. (I appologize but I can’t find the ref.)

Now DocT, if your never going through a loading phase than it may be unneccesary to cycle, as your never certain to be reaching optimal levels. But if you undergo a loading phase, your definitely reaching optimal levels (that’s the point of loading), and so cycling will result in little actual creatine loss during your off phase.

soo…, Cycle or No Cycle??? I say maybe a few days or a week off then continue the use.

What’s a few days off going to do? Nothing. Stay on it.

Sorry, ND, but loading is also not necessary to reach optimal levels.

Creatine has been done to death, so this will be my last post on the subject.

Ask the T-mag contributors/nutrition gurus their opinion on the matter if you want to hear an answer that you can trust.

You’ll hear that 1) loading is not necessary and is probably a waste of money and 2) cycling is not necessary.
Sounds kinda similar to what I just said.

And honestly, you’re spending 5 cents a day on plain creatine. What’s the harm?

I always thought it was good to cycle it so whatever mechanism in your body that deals with “naturally occuring” creatine doesn’t get supressed into oblivion. For all the studies, creatine has only been around for a short time and no-one knows the long term effects it will have.

Personally, I take it M-F, weekends off and go 3 months like this, then take a couple weeks off. You can tell on the bathroom scale when it’s out of your system.