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Creatine Questions



I've never taken creatine but I'm just about ready to try (with Biotest releasing their own batch). Just had a few questions:

  1. I've read every article on creatine here and am slightly conflicted on what approach to take to dosages. I don't want to cycle it, but am not sure on whether to go with a stndard five grams after a workout or Ct's 25 a day dosage. Any recomendations?

  2. I know there shouldn't be, but could there be any complications based on my age (17)?

  3. I've looked around on prices and Biotest's creatine seems to be one of the best deals I've seen. It actually surprises me since biotests is usually in the moderate range of prices. Am I missing out on some cheaper creatine source, because I haven't seen many.


I still feel that 5 grams a day is plenty, but some will argue that. This product is just Creatine, without any Dextrose added, so you`ll need to mix this product with something like a fruit juice, possibly grape juice, to give it the best mode of delivery to the muscles.

It is also OK to do half the serving prior to the workout, and the other half after, it`s up to you, but the primary benefits are for Creatine to be taken post- workout.


1) This is an easy decision. Take 5g a day. CT's recommendation is excessive in any light, and he made it for a very specific purpose anyway. Just because it's cheap, doesn't mean you should squander it.

2) No. As long as you're well hydrated.

3) It's about as equivalent to the other bulk buys I've seen, maybe slightly cheaper. And please, try to limit asking questions about whether or not to look for other supp brands on this site.

No offence meant, sorry, but really if looked at from a quality/value standpoint, I can't think of another brand that can come anywhere close to the quality and forethought of Biotest at the same prices. Biotest comes in the moderate price range because they sell cutting edge supps at discounted prices, as a service to their customers.

It's just a matter of budget is all. If you have the money, don't buy anywhere else. If you don't have the money, buy whole food instead of crappy supps.

Not to bust your balls, or sound like a Biotest ad. Just 2 cents from a long-time customer/reader.


There is a reason it is not in any 'sugar coated delivery system.' Because they are a bunch of bunk. The sugar need to affect the delivery system would be excessive given many peoples diets.

Take your creatine, 3-5g, post workout with your PWO. Yah, the sugar helps here, but because of many other neural factors and physiological reasons than just because you are ingesting it with sugar.

Taking creatine pre workout is huey. Once you are saturated, you are saturated.