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Creatine Questions


Hey guys,

Just wanted to clear some stuff up. Like Berardi has said it is alright to take all the time? No need to cycle off right? Also is the loading phase neccessary? I read the threads and this is what I have got...

5g in my Post Workout drink on lifting days.

5g breakfast on non-lifting days.

Does this sound right? Thanks for your responses.



What works best for me is 5g pre-workout/5g post workout.Also the loading phase is not neccesary.Just remember to be consistant with your dosage.GOOD LUCK


That's a lot of creatine. One should also take into account body size. I know when I was back in HS I started taking Cell-Tech (lol, yeah I know) and the serving size was 10g of creatine. At 130lbs at the time, that was obviously way too much for me, and I ended up sharting out water pretty much.


Why do you think you need 10gr of creatine a day if you don't believe in "loading"?


if you just take a regular five gram dose a day it will just take longer for the creatine to get into your system and start working....that's all the loading phase does is skip you ahead a little bit.

if you do it, the normal phase is 5g 5 times a day for 2 weeks. at least thats what it was last time i did it. any changes anyone?