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Creatine Questions

Okay, so for the past dozen days or so I’ve read quite a bit on Creatine. I feel that I’ve gotten well versed enough to know that it’s a good quality supplement. That said, I feel that I’ve been exposed to some contradictory information and I would like some help sorting it out:

  1. Caffeine/stimulants with Creatine: This seems to be a no-go. Caffeine and other stimulants (ie, ephedra) seem to cancel out the effects of creatine. Where there is some debate is when these stimulants are ingested.

Is this debatable? In other words, to get the most money from my creatine, should I simply avoid coffee for the X amount of days while on it?

  1. Should we cycle creatine? There is some discussion that creatine seems to lose it’s effectiveness after a month (or so). So the prevailing wisdom is that you take it for a month, stop for 3 weeks, and then get back on. Is this fairly accurate?

  2. Using creatine while dieting, is this a bad idea? Obviously you are not going to maximize your protein synthasis and your muscle building while dieting, but it seems to me that creatine supplimentation could help with maintaining muscle (perhaps helping build some in new lifters) and the like. More muscle means greater metabolism, which seems to indicate to me that creatine could (theoretically) be an aid in fat loss.

Those are my three questions. Thanks for the help!