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Creatine Question


Bought 2 500g containers from this site and have been pleased with the results but I have a couple questions about the stuff:

1) If don't take it for one (or two) days, does it make sense to increase the amount the next time I take it (perhaps 2 scoops instead of 1?)

2) Most of the time the powder is extremely dry and dissolves easily but occasionally it isn't (I guess this has to do with however humid the air is). When the powder is slightly "stickier" than it should be, its very difficult to get it to dissolve in the cold water/grape juice mix. I noticed the label specifies cold water, but in the case, lukewarm water does a much better dissolving the powder. Will this decrease the effectiveness of the creatine?

Thanks for the help.


No, you don't have to do that. You can if you'd like, but its not likely going to make a bit of difference.

Nope. Thats fine.


in my experience, the creatine never dissolves. I just make a small solution, stir it up and toss it back. The less time it spends in the glass, the better chance of it staying in suspension and getting down your gullet.

This may be because I'm not buying the super micro pulverized stuff, I don't know. The cheap stuff is cheap enough that putting a bit more on the spoon to account for whatever may stick to the glass is fine with me.