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Creatine Question


After working out for 4 weeks, I'm going to take a one week break. My plan is to take 5g of creatine 5 times a day (at each meal). Should I still take creatine on my "off week" aswell as my non workout days? Do I have to take the creatine only after my meals aswell (or better yet..after my work out aswell)?

P.S. I used the search function ("creatine"), not much useful information came up for my questions.


No just use 5g a day TOTAL thats it every day. workout or no. Yes take it on the week off.


For the search, you may want to select 'articles' so your search only looks for afticles with your key words.

I'd imagine searching the whole site for creatine would result in a butt-ton of results that would be impossible to sift through.

Here are a couple articles with some real good info:



They're both by David Barr, and the second one is more recent.

Hope you read them. You can find a ton of good info about creatine there.


Thanks for the helpful links! Although, here's an excerpt from Christian in that hollywood program:

"My super secret is to use a combo of creatine, BCAA, and glutamine five times per day. At each serving you ingest 5g of each. The BCAA powder should be at least 50% leucine as this is the most anabolic of the three BCAAs. Glutamine has gotten a bad rep, but when used as part of this stack it's effective. I've had clients gain up to eight pounds in two weeks while losing fat by adding this simple strategy."

So that'd be 25g of creatine per day (he has 5-6 meals). 25g seems like a crapload, after reading the other articles even 3g would be sufficient. Any thoughts?


Seem it, havent tried it. As cheap as quality creatine is now give it a try worst thing really would be pissing away a few cents. Oh and drink plenty of water.


Agreed. Your stomach will constantly be in knotts if you don't drink a shitload of water, like 2+ gallons a day, with that much creatine.