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Creatine Question


Before I get referred to the search bar, I read through these already:

I was just wondering, does just about everyone on here take creatine? I've always had the mindset of "do as much as I can with as little as I can", as far as supplements go. Would supplementing with creatine be a quicker means to an end? Any insight would be appreciated.


just google creatine and read up on it and see what potential benefits it is proven to give. I would think anyone that can get it would use it if they are trying to add muscle as well as the other benefits it has.


I did plenty of googling, just trying to get first hand experience I guess. It seems relatively inexpensive, so I'm thinking why not. The creatine from Biotest is cheaper than I expected, so maybe ill just try it and see if it's worth it to me to take it or not. Trial and error

Thanks for the response bamaguy


Shut up and get it already!


avatar + post = irony


At 10 cents per day it is a very good "bang for the buck" supplement.

Try it for a few months, like you said.

Or take it the rest of your life, either way is good.


Creatine is arguably the best supp ever made. After it builds up in your system you will be able to do far more reps with a higher % of your 1rm, which = strength gains.


Creatine is the only supplement that I've ever used which has had a noticeable effect. That's not to say that things like fish oil or protein powders don't work, but with creatine I saw an increase in strength almost immediately. If you can afford it, may as well use it.


Get the Biotest creatine for 20usd. You get your moneys worth. I load it, some will say you don't have to, but I'm stuck in my ways.

I will do it for maybe 6 weeks and take 1 to 2 weeks off. People will also say you can stay on it, but you body adapts to things. I see creatine no different.

Before you get the creatine, make sure you have a form of whey protein and your BCAA's. Oh, make sure you diet is good. Good diet trumps all supps.


Arnold used to smoke it.

Wait-- that IS creatine he's smoking amirite?


wish creatine worked for me ):


Are you crazy? Do you know how many wrestlers DIED while on creatine!


When I was a pure beginner, I felt creatine improved my performance quite a bit. As I got better, the effects seemed less and less pronounced. Now, as an advanced beginner, I don't feel the effects anymore. I only took the packaging recommended doses though. Maybe I'm supposed to increase the dosage as I got better?


ok, so the only reason I was contemplating creatine was because I got two bottles of creatine pills from Tapout for free. That will last ~2 months at 3g a day. I will get Biotest after that. Im willing to bet it's much better, but I wont waste the freebys.

Mike T, diet is in check, whey protein with a 50/50 malt/dextrose during workout, and another post workout. You would say invest in BCAA's before creatine?

lol obviously I'm not the guy in my avi, so not really THAT ironic. T-Nation never ceases to entertain.


Just a personal opinion regarding the bcaa's and creatine.
Since you have the free creatine I would invest in some bcaa's. Try to find them on sale, they can get pretty pricey depending on the company.

I use powder bcaas, just another personal preference. I've went without the bcaas ( not on purpose ) before, I just feel strong on days I drink the bcaas. I end up taking 15 to maybe 20 grams of bcaas on a good day.

Since you diet is on point, whey protein, bcaa's, creatine and fish oils are always in any lifters bag.

After that you get into things like Surge. Which is a gateway supp. :slight_smile: only joking. Its good stuff tho.


Price is probably the only reason I've never bought BCAA's. Im always on the lookout for good deals though. After two days of taking the creatine pills, my weight has increased ~2 pounds. Looking forward to some strength gains when they come.

Thanks for your insight


I've noticed with certainty that it improves performance

it improves performance a lot. I find that supplementing with certain creatine products that I can power through the last few seconds of sprinting A LOT more forcefully, that my bursts of energy last a tiny bit longer, have a few seconds more "kick"

there's a fair difference on anaerobic training with creatine.


buy it already its cheap and one of the only supps actually proven to work. been around for a long ass time and that speaks for it self


any of you get a load of this?


Read the part about Creatine


I had a smile on my face the whole time I read that.

First off this guy is trying to sell you something then warns you to be wary of companies just trying to sell stuff.

Then he writes that supplements only work due to placebo effect but then goes into detail about how he tried them and they didn't work. The placebo effect works both ways.

I am not even going to go into how he used the super-scientific method of anecdotal evidence of his large study group of one.

I do not advocate taking very many supplements but why bash on caffeine, protein powder and creatine? I can think of way dumber supplements to rant about.