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Creatine Question!


I just got my order of creatine in and im confused on what to take it with. i have been told water will work but that you also need another substance. I dont want to mix it with my protein cause that tastes awful in water. So any suggestions?


Just take it with water, you don't need anything else. Personally I put the powder directly in my mouth and swallow with water. It's faster than buggering to dissolve the shit.


buy Surge Recovery, put 2-3 scoops of that in 16-20oz of water. Also put 10g of creatine in that. Drink half before lifting, half after. During lifting, drink gatorade, down BCAA tablets. set for life.


Life cant be that easy Mr Andy...or can it?

As long as you are getting 5-10 grams of creatine a day you'll be alright. Its cheap enough to now worry about wasting it.




5 grams after you lift.

If you can go Andy's route that's even better.


Take creatine on your off days too. 5g in your cup o' coffee/tea in the mornin' ya heard.


Put your creatine in your normal shake (milk based?) I sometimes have it on my breakfast cereal (muesli & skimmed milk) but usually in my shake (though its water based out of preference).


use the search function you lazy clown


Oh the best way to take teh creatine is in your socks. Asorbs best through the souls of your feed.

Ref. Creatine and souls effect. (jones et el 2001)


Taking creatine pills in suppository form makes it release into your blood quicker


Yeah I heard that shove your food up your ass increase digestion, CSN recovery, testosterone level and dopamine levels too.


You're not smart.


...outside the box. That's either the wierdest thing I've heard in a while, or the funniest...


How about mixing your creatine with petroleum jelly, packing it into a block and then applying to your underarms. And across your chest. If this actually works I'll be waiting for my check...


Dude it's the Internet. Everyone can play pretend.


Even better is INSIDE the box, vaginal creatine release is even better than anal, but is obviously limited to 50% of the population, at least until I can afford that surgical procedure I've got my eye on