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creatine question

This will be a speculative question on creatine usage, but if anyone has any emperical evidence, please share. Along with skeletal muscle, and because the heart is also a muscle, is it possible for exogeneous supplementation of creatine to possibly cause an enlargment of the heart?

Excellent question! Some thoughts:

1)Both are muscle but MUCH different physiologically. Cardiac and skeletal muscle are very specialized for very different functions.

That being said, I am not aware of Creatine having an effect on the heart, positive or negative.

2)Creatine doesn’t “enlarge” muscle cells in the way that you see in Cardiomegaly or Skeletal Muscle Hytertrophy. These represent actual enlargement of muscle cells. Creatine makes the internal environment of cells “fuller” by attracting water INTRAcellularly, thereby 1)increasing and maximizing the internal millieu in which the cells function in and 2) making them “fuller” and more “pumped”.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply Mufasa. I will continue to do some research on this subject.

I think ive seen studies showing creatine is protective for the heart and useful for after a heart attack