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Creatine Quality Question

Hey guys, whats up.

I’ve used creatine before and found that i didn’t like the results. But the truth is i was a moron, i hadn’t started reading T-mag yet. So the question I need my fellow T-men and woman to answer is: What are some good brands of creatine that have a strong reputation of good quality control?
ps. I live in Canada.

Thanks alot!

I like EAS’ Simply Creatine. It’s good quality and not expensive.

I've heard good things about TRAC creatine by MHP (I think) but it's very expensive, and probably not muce more effective than the regular powdered stuff.

Any plain, white, powdered creatine monohydrate with do, assuming it's from a reputable company.

Hope this helps.

My understanding is that anything that has
the “Creapure” logo on it is quality stuff.

I’d suggest buying a kilo of any such product,
and then getting your carbs to go along with it, if you want to do that, from other sources. E.g. dextrose, or just eating a couple of slices of bread, or whatever appopriate carb food that you like. Cheap, and I think just as effective.

When choosing which creatine to get go with either Creapure or Ultrapure. These are the top two creatines and they are trademarked. You can find them by companies such as Prolab, Optimum, Scitec. Just get the straight powder.