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Creatine/Protein/Overall Calories


i work out twice a day, one in morning at about 7:30 for wrestling practice, and after school on my own. we're in offseason right now so we're lifting in the mornings and then i lift after school. i weigh about 175 right now. six feet tall. body fat about 12 percent.

i just started creatine about a month ago. i loaded for 5 days at 20-25 g/day, and since then five grams. in the mornings i lift heavy and lower reps and after school i lift lighter with more reps.

should i be taking creatine after both workouts? i currently take it after my first workout with 2 scoops optimum nutrition whey. i eat about 3000-3500 cals, pretty clean. i'm trying to get as big as possible in the offseason and i started for about three weeks doing a dirty bulk, and since then really trying to eat clean.

is 3500 cals enough if i'm working out twice a day? it's about 1-1.5 hours in the morning and an hour after school.

thanks y'all! =D


You should be fine with creatine once a day. As far as 3500 cals being enough, no one can tell you. If the scale is moving up, it's enough, if it's not, then you need to eat more.


for best results either take two servings one after each or split it in half for both the workouts


you just have to remember get big but get lean gains because if you get bulk it is harder to maintain.


x2, just remember your body needs to recover and repair to add muscle and size. If your pushing your body to hard with two workouts a day either cut them down a bit or split it maybe by lower body and the upper body.


This makes absolutely no fucking sense at all. Any gains can be maintained whether they are lean or not.


He is in wresling and if you ever known about wresling it is very hard to keep bulk gains since a lot consists of fat with mass. If you gain weight(lean)it is a lot easyier to maintain cause you are more in shape and you do not loose fat.


That makes s much more sense. But the one thing I have never heard a wrestler say is oh my god I have to eat way too much. It's always the kids are on the upperend of their weight class that complain.