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Creatine & Protein After Running


I lift two days then run (slowly, for about 45 minutes) then repeat. A guy at the gym the other day recommended that I drink a protein shake with creatine on my running days to help preserve muscle. I have a protein + creatine shake after I lift, but didn't think it would be useful after running. Views/recommendations? Is there utility to protein and creatine after running?


stop running. make you weak. bad.

based on what I've read, and i'm an old fat guy so i'm no expert in periworkout nutrition, I don't see the bonus to triggering an insulin spike after running like you want to after lifting. however, I have noticed that shelby starnes and other bodybuilding coaches recommend higher protein and fewer carbs on "cardio days".

Makes sense to eat more protein in general on a day you will run, but the point would be to keep your protein high to minimize catabolism from the hideous, horrible, muscle-wasting, testosterone sucking evil that is running. so instead of a post workout shake, I'd just make sure you are taking in more protein at each meal on the day, both before and after running. But, this is all guesswork on my part. you might want to go over to Christian Thiboslabospankodeau's threads and ask him. or even Shugart.

old lardass


OL: Please don't mince your words...how do you really feel about running?

I've noticed something interesting. I've run for years -- not long distance/endurance running, just steady jogging for 45 minutes or so. I started lifting about two years ago. I notice now that I hurt after I run -- not where you'd think -- in the legs or whatever, but in my shoulders, arms. But I never hurt after I lift -- pleasant post-workout muscle growing ache, sure, but not pain.

I I'm wondering if the issue is simply age -- although it's not my joints that hurt after running. The thing is I really enjoy running, and it mentally feels great afterwards (and I don't get the same mental boost from lifteing).

Clearly there's some -- ahem -- negative views of running in the T-Nation community. But is it so bad? I can see why endurance running would counteract the muscle-building process, but I'm simply talking about running for 45 minutes twice a week (I do two lifting workouts then a run, repeat, day off, start the cycle again). I would have thought the running would be a nice cardio supplement to the lifting.



Creatine + protein drinks should be every day. If you are going to use creatine, us a little (5g) each day.

Creatine + protein doesn't spike insulin. If you add in fast acting carbs it will. If you are lifting then running on the same day doe a creatine/protein/carb drink. Just the cardio do it sans carbs. Or just eat a good clean meal.

RE running: fuck, wish I could run. I a) had a botched knee surgery about 15 years ago and b) weigh somewhere between 260 and 300 given my supplementation, diet,s training goals, and cardio at the time. At 260 I am typically veiny and abby, but still not able to do much more than intervals for running.

I used to love running. Running 45 minutes twice a week shouldn't kill your gains if you are smart everywhere else. Arnold used to run. And if you really look at Wendler's log, he runs too. If you objective is to be a fit dude, I think running is great. If you want to squat a grand, maybe not. I do know an elite bencher (top in the world in the 198 weight class) that runs regularly though.


Pete, man sorry about your knee. I can't run, rt. knee bleeds into a nasty bulge, hurts like heck...

I ride bikes, up to 30-ish miles at slow pace (10-13). I intend to do 100 mile days, like every year, but... Not so worried about it eroding muscle, cause it is good for stress and work capacity. I also eat when I ride, so that helps a lot.

I only get that great feeling when I lift heavy, maybe 5/3/1 is in your future...