Creatine Products???

I just bought some creatine(just the plain old powder stuff) from a company called Body Fortress. Does anyone know anything about this company??? Also it says that it is “HPLC” pure creatine monohydrate…what does that mean??? I got a pretty good deal on it so if anyone could let me know about this product, i would highly appreciate it.

I believe Body Fortress is the Vitamin World brand (given a fancy name to appeal). There is a website called Consumer Labs that does independent assays of many products. It used to be free, but now that they have a large database, they charge 4 it. From what I remember most Vitamin World products came out as meeting label claims so it would probably be ok. If the purity question is driving u nuts you can always buy any product labeled Creapure, which is a trademark of SKS labs in Germany-quality stuff that usually comes with an assay of the batch it came from. Prolab uses Creapure. Also I believe EAS Phosphagen is a reliable product. Check out the Consumer Lab web site-it still gives you a short list of approved products free.