Creatine Prevents Brain Damage?

Creatine apparently prevents brain damage from head injuries, which are inevitable in many sports. Does anyone here know of any other supplements or methods to reduce damage?

I can say what not to take, excessive blows to the head. On a serious note, I would think Flameout might be beneficial. The omegas have a lot to do with healthy brain function I have read.


Here’s a strange one:

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Some interesting stuff…

Damn Bushy, what does your supplement list look like?

Where do you find this vinpocetine?

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I don’t know about supplements, but I read an article in a Newsweek magazine citing studies about the effect of cardiovascular excercise on brain function, neuron growth and repair.

I can’t find the article in my limited google search but have a few links you may want to check out on the topic. The last link puts the info in laymens terms much like the Newsweek article did:

I should add that these studies mostly discuss increased cognitive function in older adults. The Newsweek article also discussed improved function in younger adults.

Even though people under 30 havn’t started losing brain function naturally, our base is improved through cardiovascular activity.

Rather than regaining lost function, we are building new and better cognitive function on top of our natural base.

I don’t feel like doing the research but the links above should point you in the right direction and a few key words on google should bring back a good amount of info.