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Creatine Powder vrs. Creatine Serum

I would like to know if the regular creatine powder is better than creatine serum, or vice a versa? I have heard that MMUSA Creatine Serum only has 1 gm of creatine (which to me will not do the job.) Your thoughts please

Creatine Serum is bogus. When you leave creatine monohydrate in a liquid over time it turns into creatinine. That is a useless byproduct your body will piss away. Stick with the powder.

I wouldn’t let anyone I know use Creatine Serum – don’t even consider it. Pure creatine monohydrate’s definitely better. Even better yet, go with Ribose-C and you’ll get the additional benefit of D-ribose with a liquid delivery system that actually works. I’m addicted to the stuff!

Travis is right–and not only does it happen “over time”, but within a couple of hours. By the time creatine serum is even on the shelf at all, it’s LONG since degenerated into creatinine, the very waste product that your body is trying to get RID of.

Travis is right about Creatine Serum. However, making a blanket statement about liquid creatine being ineffective isn’t a good idea. Just because most companies haven’t figured out how to do it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. In fact, Ribose-C has been tested and certified by SKW as highly stable. SKW, for those that aren’t aware, is the largest and one of the most respected authorities on creatine monohydrate. They are the original patent holders for creatine monohydrate. So please, don’t assume that Ribose-C is anything like most other liquid-creatine supplements, because it’s not!

I have never heard anything good about creatine serum, and am pretty sure it is a load of shit supplement. I don’t mind paying more for qaulity but it really pisses me off that there are so called business people out there selling supplements that are nothing but a crock of shit, stuff that doesn’t have half a godamned gram of what they say it should. These losers selling this shit should be staked to the ground a funnel put down there throat and and all there supplements poured down there throat till there stomachs burst. My two cents to all the crooks out there selling shit.

What do you guys mean by liquid creatine. i know that some products are specifically sold as creatione serum but what about if i mix creatine powder in with some grape juice or an mrp, put it in a cooler, and then consume it 6-8 hours later. does this mean the creatine has allready turned into creatinine by doing this? should i wait to add the creatine until right before?

The “SERUM” is a total FRAUD!!! Powdered creatine works(if it doesn’t upset your stomach)well. Why not try BIOTESTS CREATINE/RIBOSE ??? These guys have the best supplements hands down.

If you guys insist on the cheap stuff. Cheap supps. lead to cheap results! Wake up!

Here’s a question–if creatine is not stable in liquid form, what has Biotest done differently to the creatine in Ribose-C? I know they sort of answered this recently, but it was simply to assure us that their creatine is perfectly legit. But they didn’t mention how they’d protected its stability, when other liquid brands are unstable.

Nic, I would really recommend that you wait to mix your creatine until right before you use it. You could just keep them seperate and mix them up later or easier still just take a bottle of Ribose-C with you.