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Creatine - Powder or Capsule?


Does it really matter? Tablet's would be easier and with all the whey, glutamine, creatine to use, mixing all the powders is a pain in the arse! For some reason though I just have a gut feeling that the powder in Creatine would work better, what's the board opinion?


i dont think it would make much (if any) difference...


Not sure it really matters, but it is so easy to add a little scoop to a protein drink I really never thought about it. Some protein powders already have it mixed in, such as Anaconda, so it takes that small step out of your way.


It's the same ingredient, one just has a capsule around it. The pills also tend to cost more.


Powder for sure. I would think capsules take longer to work and when you take as many supplements as I do who wants to add a bunch of more pills to your daily supplement routine?


Good point....


Theres a creatine capsule that is suppose to be "buffered" somehow to get almost all of it in the blood. Because the longer it sits the more it degrades in the water. It's also designed to not make the people that bloat on it, bloat. I think it was called kre-alkalyn. Sorry for the spelling.


Note i took kre-alkalyn and had good results.

Also creatine degrades the longer it sets in water, just a thought.


i tried the pills, but they were too uncomfortable in my socks.


but on a serious note, i actually like the taste of the powder (monohydrate) and enjoy adding it to my shakes or just by the spoonful. i also keep one bottle of pills on hand should i ever need to take some on the go. people don't look at you funny for taking a few pills, but you get some strange looks shoveling a spoonful of white powder into your mouth.


hahaha, good sense of humor.

When i first started using creatine powder i didn't like the taste at all. I was using a cheaper brand ( dont judge me ) so that may be the reason. Ever since i've always felt better just downing the crea pills. I'm already drinking water and milk and protein shakes. Just felt right.


mketodd.... Creatine does NOT degrade in water. In fact, one of the articles here showed that it barely degraded in acidic juice over several HOURS. If water was so awful for it how the hell do you think it goes past stomach acid? I'm sorry. but that's just stupid. Show me something that proves your point, I've never heard of such a thing, because it's absurd.

OP- just use powder. Pm me if you want a website that pre mixes it for you, among anything else you want mixed. I usually just get a gallon jug of warm water w creatine, mix it around for a lil while then put it in the fridge, then make sure that's all gone the next day. pretty easy.


I use a pure creatine monohydrate product and it's totally flavourless.

I would use the powder, I've been told it's absorbed easier, I've seen no evidence but it certainly makes sense to me.

I do the same as VTT but ad some gluitamine and leucine


I've done the price comparisons before and the powder is way cheaper. As it happens, buying powder online is cheaper than in stores, and of your online options Biotest's creatine was either the cheapest I found at the time or extremely close to it (perhaps it was cheapest when accounting for shipping costs).

Even if you thought you were getting a loss from the powder degrading or not withstanding the digestive process as well, the powder is a fraction of the cost so it would be cheaper to just take a higher dose.