*Creatine Poll*

Years using: 1
Cycle ON duration: 4weeks
Cycle OFF duration: 1week
Daily Pre-Load: 10g first 7 days
Daily Standard-Load: 5g remaining 3 weeks
Time of Day: 1PM Post workout (cause I am drinking a shake anyway)

Anyone use year round, with no off cycle?

I took 5g tablets for 2 months. One per day. When those ran out I waited 30 days and got some 8g powder. I take one scoop of that per day. My question is when to take it? Do you take it pre workout, post workout or does it matter? On the tablets I was taking it in the morning. With the powder I am mixing it with Gatorade and drinking it while I lift.

I don’t cycle. However sometimes I run out of it and just get lazy to buy more for a while. I also don’t really notice anything when taking it.

cycle creatine? creatine is a substance made naturally in the body, when you exercise you burn more and your body has trouble keeping up. Hence it is usefull to supplement… no more need to cycle creatine than to cycle protien.

[quote]Everyday wrote:
Anyone use year round, with no off cycle?[/quote]
I cycle days with nights; I never take creatine after 8pm, goes straight to my hips if I do.

Been doing that for some time now but like has already been said I don’t sweat it if I run out I just order more when I get around to it.

I’ve been using 5g. a day for YEARS straight–I see no reason to cycle creatine. Creatine will help increase intra-muscular glycogen stores, and along with it intra-muscular water stores. This increase in water stores within muscle helps increase LBM, and confers potent anti-catabolic effects–this is all on top of keeping your phospho-creatine stores topped up.


There are studies with people who have been taking 3g of creatine daily for years lol.

Years using: 3
Cycle ON duration: 1 hours
Cycle OFF duration: 23 hours
Daily Pre-Load: 50 grams in each sock first 2 days
Daily Standard-Load: 2.5 grams in each sock after
Time of Day: 2:47 PM to the minute

[quote]Consul wrote:
There are studies with people who have been taking 3g of creatine daily for years lol. [/quote]

Which means eating something like 1.5 lbs meat a day when you’re not supplementing. I bet there are a lot of non-training people out there who eat at least 1lbs and therefore get 2g+ creatine daily.