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Creatine Pills

Has anyone ever taken creatine ethyl ether or Anavol? If so, how did you like it? How does it compare to conventional creatine powder? The sales guy at GNC told me that Anavol was the latest and greatest form of creatine, is he right? Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.

I think this was what Cy Willson wrote about in his last CY-BORG column. Check the archives.

And remember, some supplement store employees get kickback and commissions if they sell certain brands. So be careful with what the GNC guy is all excited about.

CEE (NOTE: ester, not ether), is transported the same as regular creatine, despite the claims.

Anavol uses the hot marketing of AAGK supplements and tacks on the AKG to creatine. They do the same for glutamine. It’s nothing but marketing.

Hope this helps!