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Creatine Pills?

Hey guys, i have a quick question…i have a chance to get some of the (dont laugh) weider (sp?) (yes the bodybuilding guy) powdered creatine capsules for pretty cheap. i could also get EAS (again dont laugh) CLA, and Ripped Fuel form twin lab all pretty cheap,

im thinking of getting the creatine but are any of the other supplements useful at all? and i have no clue what CLA even is…

the creatine capsules contain 5 g of creatine monohydrate per sorving, and i have heard that loading is useless through this very site, so im thinking just one serving per day should be fine… have any of you taken the creatine capsules? and do they work as good as powdered creatine? because i can get them for cheaper than the powdered stuff :slight_smile: (sue me im cheap) and i would love to just take them instead if it all works the same.

any comments from contributers and readers alike are very welcome and thanks in advance