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Creatine Phosphokinase Testing



I am just hoping that some of you gurus out there can help me.

I've been training for over a year now. I had a perfectly tuned routine until about a month and a half ago when things started to go awry. I started feeling extremely lethargic, my strength and stamina levels went down and, obviously, my training suffered massively. It came to a point that whenever I exercised, I felt like my shoulder muscles were breaking up (that's the best way to explain what it felt like).

Well, I actually got quite worried and stopped training for about 2 weeks. Last week I visited the doctor. He ordered a CPK test and my results came back last night with my CPK reading at around 317. Since my appointment with the doctor will be next week, I was hoping if someone would be able to shed some light on this issue and guide me on whether this reading is normal for a person who's exercising or not. Really looking forward to someone who can help me out with this!


Please keep me informed. Actually I'm in the same situation as I just got results back and But I don't know where I stand till Monday. I'm actually betting my high levels are due to working out so hard lately. If thats all it is no problem, but if its something more, I'll be worried as my dad experiences the same high CPK levels (just golfs) and it wasn't caught till later and now his legs hurt when he walks.

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I'm trying to find out (googling as I type) if creatine causes high CPK. For some reason I did forget to tell the doctor that I take cytogainer. Again, I dont know what my levels are tho.