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Creatine Overnight


I make shakes before going to bed, and keep them in the refridgerator overnight.The shake's a protein/olive oil/creatine blend.

Does this effect the creatine?


YES it very well can. creatine when hydrated can and does denature to creatinine (SP) Thats why all those liquid creatines were proven JUNK.

Just throw it in right before you down it.


Shite.That's a month or so of fucked creatine.



Dont swat it if you were smart and just bought regular old creatine monohydrate that only like $2 worth .

Live and learn


Besides, creatine is best taken with an insulin spike. Just throw it into your PWO shake right before you drink it. The less time it sits, the better.


Thing is,I've gotten the idea that the creatine should be dissolved in hot water.

That would mean bringing a thermos with me to the gym,and dragging it around all day at school.

Any merit?


I think all of these creatine "strategies" are largely unfounded. taking it with simple carbs, taking it in warm water, etc. haven't been proven more effective then just taking it. don't let it sit in water too long. put it in a shake, or something else that you drink, and down it. that's all.




The purpose of using warm water is just to get it all dissolved. Room temperature does just fine, just don't use cold.