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Creatine or No Creatine???


yeap thats the question!!
i used to drink creatine before and after workout on my 2 first weeks a friend of mine told me,that creatine is not good that only makes you fat,and i didnt drink creatine on the last week and seems like my muscles are thiner than before =(
i eat 3 solid meals and 3 protein shakes and 2 fat burn pills per day cause i'm overweight.

what do you guys recommend to me??? drink the creatine or not???
i didnt find answers about this on the search engine of this forum!
and is it good to drink the same protein on the days of non workout???



Drink your damn creatine, and tell your friend that he's an idiot.


Thats it - one of the best supplements there is.

Get about 1g protein per pound of body weight, everyday - workout or not. Make sure your diet is in order when trying to lose weight.


Massif is right. Your friend is a damn fool. You will retain a little bit more water when using creatine, but that's just because your muscles like to maintain a certain concentration of stuff within them - you add more stuff, you need a little more water too.

Fat though? Not a chance.



Does anyone suggest creatine for women? I too am battling the weight but trying to increase muscle mass.


YES creatine is fine and just as helpfull for women. Just the same as getting it from eating meat and or the way many/most of the same training/diet parameters cross the sex boundry.


thanks a lot guys!!!!
i'm glad to hear that =)
seems like the creatine and the protein is the best way to me,cause i look now with small muscles lol
i think that my diet was working with those 3 solid meals,3protein shakes 2 creatine shakes and 2 fat burn pills per day better than without creatine!!!
without creatine seems like i'm not doing any work to my muscles =(


when you say a creatine shake, do you mean an MRP with creatine or do you mean a shake with pure creatine. you don't need any of that special shit you just need 5-10mg of normal creatine ED. if your taking in extra calories with you creatine then yeah you may want to switch to another brand or kind, however massif's right you should def take it I throw 5 mg in my PWO on lifting days and in my breakfast shake on non lifting days, just make sure you not drinkinig extra Kcals when your cutting. BB


oooh maybe thats the problem the shake that i have isn't just creatine,it contains more than 100 kcalaround 130,if i use another brand that is just creatine,i think that has the same or better results,but there is no problem on going fat???
or do i need to go to my weight and then eat creatine???


You can do either. Creatine is more absorbable than previously thought, and it's fine to take it without the high GI carbs, but they can help.

Since it's best to use a high GI carb with 1/2 as much protein for your post-workout drink, that would be a good time to add the creatine as well.

That's what I do, and on my off days, I just take it with warm or room temperature water (that's suppost to help the creatine fully disolve in the water).

I also use micronized creatine, as I don't see it being any more expensive and smaller particles will desolve quicker/easier (and I heard it's not realy more expensive for the company to make their creatine micronized).


I'd say yes to getting the same amount of protein on off days.

Your body is still using the nutrients to recover from your workouts from the days previous.

If you realy want to adjust anything, and your goal is fat loss, you can lessen your carbs on off days.


If it has about 130cals in it, it probably has high GI carbs mixed in with it to aid with absorbtion. These are good post workout, as the high GI carbs help you absorb creatine and protein from your PWO drink.

I use standard, pharmaceutical grade 100% Creatine. I chuck in my PWO Protein shake. Works well.


Well I may be a Noob but I work in a vitamin shoppe so I know my shizzle! your friend thinks creatine makes people fat because on creatine monohydrate some people bloat up with water weight, and when they stop it, it goes down, which makes them think that some of the mass they gained dissapeared after they stopped, another reason I think people dog it. If you want a good supplement, find an ethyl-ester creatine, there is no loading phase, you start with one or two servings and stay with it, also, they say the ethyl-ester eliminates the bloating, I just got some, so thats yet to be seen


Well I wouldnt say working at the V Shoppe make you a pro and your opinion on CEE proves that IMO. The stuff is no more OR less effective than the cheap and effective monohydrate. It simply dissolves in water better which in some who have problems with it can stop abdominal discomfort. If you dont have this prob you are wasting your time. It still creatine and still causes the same water to be stored in your muscle mass.

Not to flame just giving you My opinion. If you can give one actual study on CEE that shows its better BRING IT. LOL

All the rest was pretty solid advice though. I just wouldnt waste my cash on CEE when youn can get 10x+ as much monohydrate for the same price.


Does it effervesce, too? Creatine doesn't need a loading phase at all. I think most of the more current studies have shown that. 5-10g/day is what I take. I just slug a couple spoons of good old creatine monohydrate. Nothing fancy, it works and is ridiculously cheap.


Just to second what was already stated, creatine won't make you fat, some find they get bloated from it. However, if you look at Cell-Tech or some other brands, they are loaded with more sugar than a candy bar. That, my friend, may make you fat.


Follow the comments here, your mate hasn't got a clue, just ingest 5g of creatine a day. btw, How overweight are you? If you are seriously overweight, drop the creatine and fat pills? (sorry but whenever i read fat pills - i just think bollocks, i mean i have plenty of shredded mates, and i'm not too shabby myself, have they/i ever used 'fat pills' - nope! Just worked damn hard in the gym and kept the diet clean, that's my 'fat pills')
Your overall goal should be to shed the fat and then build good quality muscle on that. Your in the right place, keep reading T-Nation and you cant go wrong, Laters!


I might have to disagree with Massif, your friend is not an idiot.
He's a NUMB NUT!!!!!!


Do you guys cycle your Creatine?

I haven't taken any since high school ('99), but I remember our coaches insisted we cycle it during the offseason and not take it in season (wrestling).

At that time the theory went that taking it without breaks made your body stop naturally producing it.

Whats the current word on creatine? What kind of benefits can I expect as someone who mostly trains functional strength / kettlebells? And obviously do you guys cycle it -- why or why not?


NO you dont need to cycle it though a break from time to time isnt a bad idea just for the sake of taking a break.

If you truely are to take a break you would also have to stop eating meat as that is a natural source of Creatine.

NO!!! the whole your body making it, and or the natural production being shut down is BS..

The reason they didnt want you on it during wrestling was due to the extra cellular hydration it creates, and the weight increase that goes along with that.

Dont fall for the super bells and whistlkes crap, just get cheap regular old Creatine monohdrate, something with the creapure stamp is great.

Hop that helps,