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Creatine or Glutamine?


I live in cyprus which is a small island in the Mediterranean. I don't have access to any fancy supplements such as Mag 10 etc. but i can get hold of some pretty decent creatine or glutamine. What would you say is best for a mass gaining cycle. I am currently using John Berardi's Massive Eating with good results.







I would actually recommend that you cycle both. I know some on this forum consider glutamine as not being potent at augmenting or bettering glycogen retention in muscle, and I can't argue with that cauz the science behind it isn't convincing ,that I agree.
One thing glutamine does however is help eliminate waste byproducts(azot?s in french) that creatine supplementation leaves in the urine track(kidneys, liver,n stuff)

Take creatine 5g in the morning and post training with some frustose or some glucose(juice).
Take glutamine 5g post workout and before sleep.


forget the glutamine. It's benefits are iffy, especially in consideration of price. Go with the creatine. Proven in the lab and by weight trainers everywhere. Get a quality product, preferably micronized.


I agree with RETARD. If those are the main supps you have access to, then take both. If you absolutely HAVE to choose between one or the other, then obviously creatine is your pony of choice.


RETARD, could you elabourate on the action of glutamine for assistance in the elimination of metabolites? What happens in those of us who don't supplement with glutamine? Thx

I can think of better ways to spend a couple thousand dollars a year...


Do a search in the Previous Issues here and find the two-part series called Glutamine - Destroying the Dogma.
David Barr was the author I think. It will tell you all you need to know, young Padawan.


Yeah, that's my article, but I stated nothing about creatine metabolites. If our body further metabolises or eliminates them without even increasing the levels of a single enzyme, then glutamine use doesn't seem warranted for this purpose.


Creatine is the product of choice. Glutamine may have an effect, but this is only in those who are already lacking it (i.e., probably not you).


If your are going strictly for strength gains, i would say use creatine,however if your goal is to build as much quality muscle as possible,i would say both.Personally,I stay on glutamine year round and do 12 week cycles of crealine and would reccomend it to anyone. make sure to get one thats "pharmacutical grade" because its cheaper per dose than to buy some crappy premixed drink that might only contain glutamine peptides.Make sure its L-glutamne


Creatine, without a doubt. Much cheaper and almost guaranteed effects, provided that you are taking enough.


Well DB muscle it's been a while since my sports nutritrion course and i'll try not to get to technical, Forgive me if some of the terminology isn't correct...I study mainly in french :slight_smile:

Creatine supplementation has been know to augment the amount of nitrogen (azote in french) waste in the urine track. This would mean it's harder on the kidneys, liver n so on. Creatine is also known for water retention wich is hard on the kidneys.
Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that helps process those wastes byproducts so this is stricly a health issue (since glutamine has been proven not to be potent in muscle glycogen rentention). But if you wish to be supplementing with creatine for some period of time it might be wise to think health first.
Now this is mere speculation on my part but since the liver is responsible for recycling lactic acid, (which is poduced by weight training alot!)The better it's working the better you'll be working out.
But if financials are concerned i'dd say go with creatine but don't cycle it for too long. Go for 1-2 months cycles top! Try to stay off it AT LEAST as long as you cycled it.


Also creatine mainly gives you're muscles more anaerobic capacities(Like 2 reps more per set) so you'll have to go for forced reps on major lifts(bench, chins)...in other words get a spotter and try to lift 5-10 pounds more than before creatine with same amount of rep per set.