Creatine On Off Days?

Hey, I was wondering about taking creatine on off days. I had been doing it for a while, and from what I understand, creatine is most effective when you keep your muscles flushed with it. However, I read a Waterbury article where he said it wasn’t necessary. Currently, I take lift every other day (as per ABBH) and take creatine only after workouts. I want to know if it’s a waste to take it every day or what. Can anyone help clarify?

Seriously 100 servings is 12 bucks, its one of the supplments that is so cheap its worth it to take a little more.
That being said I sometimes forget and I doubt it is a big deal but I try to take 5 grams daily

When do you usually take it on off days? I take it right after I workout, but I’m not sure when is the best time otherwise.