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Creatine on My Off Week?


taking a week off for recovery purposes, started creatine 2 weeks ago. should i take it at all on my off-week? what should i do?


When I take a week off of training I usually will keep on taking creatine either in the morning in my morning protein shake or evening protein shake. On or the other. If you’ve only been taking it for two weeks it definitely isnt going to hurt you. In fact, I hardly ever take a week off, maybe a week or two every six months.


well you should never train more than 12 weeks at a time without a rest week :stuck_out_tongue:

same for you as me, ive been training for 3 years, but only for the past 6-8 months ive been SERIOUS and starting to get to the heavy weights, so i havnt had a week off in awhile, so :slight_smile:

i think ill just not do creatine till i get workin out again next week, thanks man!