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Creatine Not Dissolving?

Bought the Biotest german monohydrate creatine and it did not seem to dissolve into my PWO shake (protein + skim milk). Using 1.5 scoops which equals 5 grams in 16 oz of milk. Should the creatine be dissolving? Is it not dissolving affecting my body’s intake or usage of it?

Naw it’s fine. If there’s some left at the bottom just swirl your drink around and down it fast. Sometimes I just scoop some dry into my mouth and then wash it down with some water, still works.

Thanks trav. Yeah that is what I would do if there was some left at the bottom.

Creatine in milk…? Whacky

I personally put mine in apple or blueberry juice but it’s a bastard trying to get it to dissolve fully in any liquid.
Also, I’ve found it’s even harder to dissolve in chilled liquids. It took me a while to discover this and then I read the same conclusion somewhere(I think it was one of Mark Rippetoe’s books).

Yeah I tried the PWO shake the first day. The second day I put it in OJ and the third I put it in gatorade. Im going to routinely take it with orange juice.