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Creatine Non Responder?

I tried creatine before without the loading phase and it didn’t seem to do much so I decided to try it again this time with a proper loading phase and now almost after two weeks I see absolutely nothing… no strenght gains, no bloating, nothing. I even bought some dextrose to mix it with but still nothing.

I think that after the third week I’m gonna quit and try to sell the rest of this crap. Should I try a different brand or up the dose? I took about 20g a day for the first 5 days and now I take 10g, 5 after workout and 5 at night.

sounds like you already get enough creatine from your diet so you’re just pissing out whatever extra you put in.

I don’t know, but I mostly eat fish, if I’m not wrong it isn’t the best source for creatine.

[quote]Meslan wrote:
I don’t know, but I mostly eat fish, if I’m not wrong it isn’t the best source for creatine.[/quote]

Red meat

How much water are you drinking?

I have this same problem. The very first time I tried creatine my arms exploded, but every time I stopped and started again my gains were insignificant. I drank a ton of water, I tried a monohydrate and also a blend. I think it’s just inconsequential for some people.

What type are you taking?

I’m taking mono. Sci MX brand, I’ve heard that some brands work better? I tried a different brand before and got pratically no results either but I didn’t do any loading so I tought I’d try it again.

BTW I’m drinking close to 3litres of water everyday.

Try ethyl ester instead of monohydrate, it doesn’t increase your weight through water retention. Oh and don’t load with the ethyl ester either, and go with capsule form, the powder tastes awful. Works better for some of my clients, but for some it’s just that they’re non-responsive.

David Barr has 2 great articles on creatine:

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