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Creatine/Nitric Oxide Supplement


well im new too lifting,have been lifting off an on the last year,i went to the local supplement store an was looking around,an knew alot of people reccomended Surge but they didnt have it in stock an the next 2 i knew about were no-xplode an super pump 250...the guy at the store said that he felt that super pump was the better brand...

an i was just wondering what you guys thought is the best creatine nitric oxide supplement so next time i can get the best product for the best value....well thank you for taking the time reading this


I have just started on NO-xplode and have been getting pretty good results. I was using GNCs creatine for about a year and wanted to try something new. I dont seem to get a huge pump from the NO-xplode, but my strength levels have increased quite a bit.


I have never used NO-explode, but those who I know who have, always had very positive feedback. Their only complaint was its price. At the full dose it can get kinda pricy. Currently I'm using a product called jacked, which is creatine ester and no mixed, and I'm liking it so far.


thanks for the info, has anyone ever heard of or tried superpump 250?


What ingredients are in these supplements? I wonder if anything in them is potentially harmful...

Be sure to check out glycocyamine and guanidinopropionic acid (GPA).


You want some advice? Here let me tell you.

Screw the Nitric Oxide Supplements.

Don't even begin to waste your money on that stuff. The only reason people "say/think" they work is because they've probably never even taken creatine before. People enjoy this NO hype since company's slap on all fancy words on the side to make people think it's the best.

Spend your money on BioTests Micronized German Creatine. It's just plain creatine with a nice price tag.

Here read these articles. Maybe they'll change your mind for the best.



Enjoy buddy! Hope you make the right decision with where your money goes.


Mr. Barr is talking about his article where it explains about NO products that are harmful.

I already said they're stupid, but here's Mr. Barr's article.



I agree 100% with this post.
You can buy a whole lot of better stuff than that for the money.

The Creatine that Biotest sells is German, and has the Creapure logo on it which has shown to be the highest quality Creatine available.

I always bought Creapure Creatine before Biotest came out with theirs. Now that they sell it directly (without a middle man) I'm able to get it cheap, plus I'm helping out a sight that's giving me all of this great info and support.

As far as the Nitric Oxide is concerned, I would definitely do some research on it from places other than where it's sold.

From what I've read, it's highly overrated and overpriced.