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Creatine Needs for Elite Athletes

I am a college athlete and have recently began taking Biotest’s creatine product. First, I’d like to say that I have taken creatine products before and this product blows the others out of the water. My strength has skyrocketed in just a few weeks. I am using an altered westside system with Maximum and dynamic effort bench and squat days on alternating weeks. I also incorporate chains and bands for accomodating resistance.

A general outline of my program would be:
Week 1:
Monday-Heavy Cleans/Light Hang Snatches
Tuesday-Dynamic Box Squat/ME Bench
Thursday-Light Cleans/ Heavy Snatches
Friday-Squat/ Dynamic chain bench
Week 2:
Monday- Same but Higher %
Tuesday-Squat/Incline Bench
Friday-ME Squat/Bench

This obviously is accompanied by supplemental exercises. I also run every day, making Monday’s and Thursdays speed days, where I am dragging/pushing sleds or doing overspeed work. Tuesday and Friday are speed endurance/conditionign days.

Now to my question, with near 3 hours of exercise a day, after loading, would my creatine needs be higher than the average lifter taking creatine being that I may be wiping out more of my supplies daily? If it matters, I weigh around 195-200lbs. I generally take 5g/day after my lift/run.

I would not believe this is necessary as creatine is recycled(rephosphorylated) once you begin to recover.

Ofcourse small amounts of creatine is lost, but 5g/day should be adaquete, and probably overkill for most of us smaller folk.